Coronavirus Audio Exchange

Health Information Radio is a non-profit service running Coronavirus information, on air on DAB Digital Radio across various cities in the UK and online at

In these exceptional circumstances we are offering our content to radio stations for free.

All use of this material is subject to the simple rules that:
  • You do not monetise or attach any sponsor to any of this content
  • You do not alter, change or edit any of the content.
  • You credit as the source and mention that we are on air 24 hours a day on DAB Digital Radio.

Our content is Ofcom compliant and checked with Medical Experts for accuracy.


We have a 256kbps mp3 stream of our live station output which you may take live on your station as a sustaining service. Some playout systems will take this stream direct, ask your customer support. For everyone else you can download Winamp and choose "open network" pasting in the address below,


This WAV file will be updated as soon as new advice comes online. We will update the webpage with the publishing date. Hit CTRL+R to refresh this page to get the latest file.

Updated: March 24 2020 12:29:08.



The following file is a 30 second promo you can run on your station promoting Health Information Radio


Other Content (Updated less regularly)

Background Info 1DownloadUpdated: March 18 2020 18:42:22.
Background Info 2DownloadUpdated: March 18 2020 18:42:33.
IsolationDownloadUpdated: March 25 2020 20:59:50.

More content will be uploaded soon. Please keep checking this page.